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Your workflow is only as fast as the ability of your tools to keep up.  Sure, you may know the Unity Editor blindfolded, but what happens when you need to switch tasks on a dime?

Unity’s Layout system allows you to save the onscreen positions and sizes of all your tools, making it possible to hide and show whichever editor windows you need at any given time — and only those editor windows– accessible via a dropdown menu in the top-right corner of the Unity editor.

QuickLayouts turbo-boosts the Layouts system by enabling you to map your Layouts to hotkeys, putting 10 banks of 10 Layouts at your fingertips at any moment.  An onscreen-display shows you exactly where you’re at in your collection.

QuickLayouts was designed and meticulously hand-tested with a high-“Actions Per Minute” ethos in mind, not being satisfied until there was a certain fluidity to using it — for example, you can change your Layout configuration without even using your mouse, and your edits are applicable immediately!

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